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Injuries from an animal attack, a vicious dog, or wild animal can vary in severity, but they can cause permanent physical and psychological damage. Many Arizona residents have pets they love but a dog or cat can suddenly become unpredictable and attack a child. As a lawyer whose own daughter was the victim of a severe dog bite, I know the anguish and suffering you and your family are going through.

In many cases, the dog acted to assert dominance toward you or your child. Unless the victim provoked the attack, the owner is liable for the injuries resulting from the animal bite.

Dogs that are at large, not on a leash, unrestrained, or outside a properly fenced area can be dangerous to people, especially if the dog has been trained to attack or has been abused or neglected. Wild animals on roads and highways can be a danger to motorists. I will help determine if someone is responsible for an injury caused by a pet or wild animal and find the responsible person or business.

TORLAW offers a free initial consultation to discuss and review the circumstances of a dog bite or other animal attack injury. If you or your loved one has been injured by an animal in Arizona call 520-733-3700 or contact me online for an appointment. My office is in Tucson, but I can travel throughout southern Arizona to visit the animal attack victim who may be unable to visit my office.

Breaking Down the Situation

The sooner a client calls, the sooner I can start a full investigation. I closely examine evidence and survey the scene of the dog bite or animal-caused injury. I pay attention to the details because the details can win your case. Necessary questions that need answering are:

  • Was the dog, or animal, restrained or leashed?
  • How did the dog reach the victim?
  • Was the animal outside its restricted area?
  • Was the attack provoked?
  • Does the animal have a history or reputation of viciousness?

Get Your Life Back on Track

After going over your situation and the animal involved, we will discuss the appropriate actions to take. As your attorney, and father of an animal attack victim, I know how important it can be to get a fair settlement. I help my clients get their lives back on track and made whole again.

My office is located in Tucson, Arizona, and I attend to anyone in the surrounding area who has been wrongfully injured by an animal. To discuss your animal injury case in a free consultation provided free of charge, contact me online or by calling 520-733-3700.

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