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Back, neck and head injuries are tragic in their effect. Unlike other parts of the body, the brain and spinal cord have little protection. Yet they are essential in all of our bodily functions, and even our personalities.

Vehicle collisions are the most common cause of these serious injuries. Even if the head or spine is not directly impacted in a crash, a snapping motion of the neck or striking of the brain with the interior of the skull results in great damage.

The spinal cord runs from the brain down the back in the spinal column. The vertebrae protect it, but in an accident or a fall, the spinal cord can be bruised or damaged by the bones of the spine itself. The higher on the back the injury, generally the more of the body will be disabled.

These injuries are not only devastating to the body, they are long-lasting or permanent. Take any such injury to yourself or a family member seriously. See a doctor and continue to monitor your condition.

Your Lawyer's Job

Your doctor may have described to you the care and treatment you will need. It is expensive. If a careless driver or other negligent party caused your injury, it is crucial that they or their insurance company be found liable and provide you with the funds you will need for the long term. Whether in negotiations with them or in trial if necessary, your lawyer must be fully committed to obtaining the largest compensation possible for you.

Do not suffer headaches, inability to concentrate and pain in silence. Contact my law firm for a complimentary consultation. I have practiced mental health law as well as personal injury law for the past 20 years and I want to help you.

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