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Doctors and their medical staffs are respected and highly compensated members of our communities. In exchange, we have high expectations of them, and the clinics and hospitals where we are treated. Unfortunately, carelessness by medical professionals costs many thousands of lives each year. If you or a loved one have suffered serious injury or death from medical malpractice or an avoidable medical mistake you have the right to seek justice not only to obtain fair compensation but also to expose the negligence and the person or hospital at fault for it and to take action to prevent others from becoming victims of careless medical decisions or acts. Contact a lawyer today.

Doctors act negligently when they fail to diagnose a serious illness or medical condition in time to treat it. This often happens when a physician does not take the time to properly and thoroughly review blood test results, scans or images or to use proper diagnostic procedures to evaluate a patient's complaint or symptoms. Missing a serious medical condition, making the wrong diagnosis, or failing to consider and diagnose a life-threatening condition can have catastrophic consequences.

More often than they are willing to admit doctors jump to conclusions about the cause of a patient's symptoms and complaints. Being so sure of oneself when the patient's health is in danger amounts to arrogance in many cases. Rather than rushing to an erroneous diagnosis, any doctor has a duty to determine all possible diagnoses. Tests are then ordered to rule out some of the possibilities until a correct diagnosis is reached.

Early Detection

The most important factor in fighting cancer, for one example, is early diagnosis. The treatments at that stage are less invasive, less painful and more effective. If not caught in time, the patient may die.

Even when tests are ordered, the results are often misread. Laboratories also fail to live up to reasonable standards, and may be legally liable when the patient suffers unnecessarily, or dies.

Catastrophic illnesses that get worse due to medical malpractice include:

  • Cancer
  • Stroke
  • Heart attack
  • Diabetes
  • Tumors
  • Heart disease
  • And others

Contact my law firm if you or a loved one has suffered due to failure to treat an illness, failure to follow up with appropriate tests, or failure to properly evaluate a medical condition.

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