Probate court's purpose is to protect the property of deceased persons and to protect the property and the person of individuals found to be under a disability and in need of protection. In short, porbate court oversees the administration of estates of deceased and incapacitated individuals. Probate cases include formal and informal administration of estates of persons who died with or without a will; trust contests; guardianships and conservatorships; claims of abuse, neglect, or exploitation of a vulnerable adult, often referred to as elder abuse cases; and mental health cases to issue orders for mental health evaluation and treatment. TORLAW has been helping and representing clients in probate, elder abuse, and mental health matters since 1996.

State laws and court rules impose exacting requirements on the format and content of documents that are filed in probate court and a hold persons seeking to make decisions on behalf of another person or to control another person's property to a high level of accountability. Mistakes can be costly. Phillip Tor knows how to navigate the laws and rules to maintain compliance and successfully bring matters to completion in probate court. Whether you need help with probating a will, understanding a trust document, becoming a guardian or conservator of a loved one, or answering allegations of elder abuse, Phillip has the training and experience to help you in the probate process.

Phillip is available to consult with clients on all probate matters and to represent clients in the probate process. TORLAW is located in Tucson, Arizona. You may contact TORLAW from this website by email or by calling (520) 733-3700.

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