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Injuries resulting from tripping, slipping, or falling at a business, public space, or private residence because of an unseen hazard or an unmarked dangerous condition can be catastrauphic. The owner of the business or property where this type of injury occurs may be at fault for the injury and liable for the victim's damages. In these cases, known as premises liability cases, the facts are crucial. Preserving and accessing evidence from surveillance cameras, scene photographs, and on-site incident reports greatly help in obtaining fair compensation in a premises liability case. Hiring an experienced attorney to gather evidence and represent your claim should be the first step after seeking professional medical attention for your injury.

Document the Scene ASAP
Regardless whether you slipped in a grocery store or while shopping in a mall or tripped on a business' sidewalk or doorway, documenting the scene of the injury is critical to your claim in a slip-and-fall lawsuit. Something such as a hole, raised concrete, a spill, automatic doors or a falling object may have caused your injury. Get medical treatment and take pictures if possible. Ask for a copy of the incident report that the business' employee prepares at the scene.

If the property owner or manager fixes or adjusts the scene of your injury, it can be difficult to prove that business negligence caused your injury. Identifying the people or employees present when your accident occurred is essential to your claim.

Arizona is a wonderful place to live, and countless apartment complexes have been hurriedly built in the last generation. They are profitable ventures, where profits have often been maximized by minimizing construction costs. Substandard materials and workmanship have left dangerous conditions. Uneven surfaces trip the elderly. Unstable handrails and staircases injure people. Homeowner negligence may also be found where the owner permits a dangerous condition to injure a guest.

Stores and any premises where the public is invited to do business have a legal duty to take reasonable steps to avoid slip-and-fall injuries. If you have been hurt by slipping or tripping on property that is under the control of a business or other entity, it is your right to seek compensation for your injuries. Contact my Southern Arizona office, TORLAW, online or call 520-733-3700 to schedule a free initial consultation to discuss your case.

Protect Yourself
People can be negligent towards, or even unaware of, dangerous conditions or unreasonable hazards on their property. They are obligated to maintain the property in a safe condition. People injured from slipping and falling should not feel conflicted about filing a lawsuit because the property owner is a business or person they like. Phillip Tor will discuss your claim with you. He will explain that you are not attacking the proprietor but simply looking to recover from your own losses caused by an unreasonably dangerous condition and helping to prevent others from getting hurt.

TORLAW is located in Tucson, but Phillip Tor can attend to all of Southern Arizona and is available for home and hospital visits to meet your needs.

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